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Friday, November 8, 2013

I Am Sure Glad The FBI Is Not A Political Party

What I Did On My Summer Vacation 
"FBI School Kulankan Mexico"

Governor Rick Perry Texas 
State Sponsored Terrorism 

Why I Can Not Leave My Home or Attend College Paid for by The Federal Government or Even Go To A Football Game. I Am Sure Glad That The FBI Is Not A Political Party

House Education & the Workforce Committee

November 13, "Keeping College Within Reach: Simplifying Federal Student Aid"
     10 a.m., 2175 Rayburn House Office Building

November 14, "The Effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Schools, Colleges and Universities"
     10 a.m., 2175 Rayburn House Office Building

Governor Rick Perry Texas 

by:  Arctotraveler  

Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 03:47 AM CDT 

Why Is Greg Abott Protecting A Democrat Senator
They Made A Backroom Deal

by: Arctotraveler

Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 03:47 AM CDT

The consequences of going beyond the philosophical debate of waterboarding by the Bush Administration in 2001, made certain types of non-lethal torture, legal in the State of Texas. Academics at the George Washington University created a distinction of two types of torture in America, legal and illegal.

Texas citizens became human subjects of ungodly human behavioral control devices, and have been abused for political purposes by the Texas Governor and his Secret Militia, sometimes in coordination with the Department of Defense by "Crying Wolf" to trigger an attack.

The Bush Administration in 2006 authorized the sharing of any information collected by any means with Law Enforcement and Civilian Private Security Firms including intrusive equipment by Satellite or any surveillance devices not limited to electronic equipment. These devices have been abused by Texas Governor Rick Perry which include, but not limited to internet censorship, behavioral political control networks, and harmful biological or electronic devices that are classified; however exist, and have been directly and indirectly used against targeted peaceful political adversaries, retaliation, illegal gathering of investigative information, threating intimidation, black list, employment to buy votes, and human behavioral experiments that have caused harm and injury to unknown numbers of Texas Citizens.

And You Think You Have Been Targeted?
Just Think If You Called The Police and They Had To Make Decision on Which Political  Party You Belong Too!

Fortunately, some Texans have come forward putting themselves at risk of more abuse, to insure fellow citizens are aware of the hazards and by all means protect themselves and resolve unexplainable harmful events of the past by reporting damages to the Attorney General Of The United States of America. The Supreme Court addressed whether an observation made from a low-flying helicopter constituted a search in Florida v. Riley, "over flights that comply with FAA regulations might nevertheless constitute searches if they were to involve "undue noise, wind, dust, or threat of injury" or to reveal "intimate details connected with the use of the home or curtilage."

Supporting documentation is available in public domain titled "Satellite Surveillance: Domestic Issues" which questions violations of Civil Liberties of illegal search and seizure not only from Satellite Surveillance but from any surveillance device electronic, biological, aviation ect.. used to uncover acts of terrorism; however, were indeed used and still may be used at the discretion of Texas Governor Rick Perry and his appointees at the governors pleasure under Executive Order RP08, which is an abuse of the 911 Patriot Act at the Texas state level against citizens of Texas and the United States of America.

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