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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dances with Wolves Texas Tea Party Senate Violation Senator Ted Cruz Un-Excusable

 Army Military Data Base Hack By Tea Party Terrorist

Federal Jail Federal Criminal Texas Records Jail Records
Please Review My Blog Page Out of Convenience instead of driving
to your office case number 12-04270
Atascosa County Sheriffs office. 

Somebody Was Not Listening and

Manipulated Federal VA Data Again After Senator Ted Cruz Got In My File
Senate Violation Senator Ted Cruz Un-Excusable. 

Charge 6. Federal Data Manipulation, Hacking

First Charge Reported To FBI When Was Correct at That Point and
Time Now Here Are The Pages
Reported Again To The FBI at this link: html

When The Secret Service Never Calls You Back

"Why Don't He Write? Why Don't He Write? 
(Dances with Wolves)"

The Honorable Henry Cuellar

Please note, that an FBI Investigation into a group of Sovereign Conspirators Associated with The Tea Party have been found to manipulate data and deny access to goods, services  benefits  employment, and entitlements similar to many of crimes committed against me and my family that began during the George W. Bush Administrations, who without congressional approval allowed hideous clandestine attacks on the people of your district at the pleasure of Texas Governor Rick Perry that created a police state, and financial decimation of millions of Americans.

I make no allegation that the following report in connected in anyway to this report; however, my family has been threatened and abused by powers of the United States Senate and Congressional Representation of the State of Texas left in hands of the FBI for over six years and all to wonder when justice will be served at loss of close to 3.8 Billion Dollars To myself and Extended family who live, work, and pray in District 28th Texas

Report: 2 Secret Service supervisors investigated

2 Secret Service Supervisors Demoted From Presidential Detail

AP  17 hr ago  | By Associated Press   
According to the Washington Post, two Secret Service officers were under investigation following allegations of misconduct.

WASHINGTON — Two U.S. Secret Service officers are under investigation and have been removed from President Barack Obama's detail following allegations of misconduct, according to The Washington Post.

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