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Saturday, November 16, 2013

To Be Wrongly Targeted for Doing Your Homework

The White Brotherhood of Nepal (See ABC News 1972)

In 2007, NSA Targeted me via FBI Sharing Texas Fusion Center for this Academic Essay a requirement for Philosophy of Religions that I have the equivalent of a Doctor of Divinity, “They were wrongly named by H. P. Blavatsky founder of The Theosophical Society.”  

Some People Have Complained About The Animation But It Is An Actual Documentary
Ask The Dali Lama He Saw It It's True

The Terminology may tie into this animated documentary 
"The Story of the Monkey Peoples"

Texas Governor Rick Perry Stalked My Father by Drone 

Because I Used My Dad's Cell Phone Number To Get This Animation Rendered 

Reference her book the “Secret Doctrine” volume II search ‘White brotherhood’ 

In today’s world,  if told someone that you attended a secret meeting with White Brother Hood, most would think you a fascists or to say the least a racist, who believes the White race is supreme of all other all other ethnicity. 

I personally had an opportunity to set and meet with this secret order, which claim to be over 500 years old. ABC news, life magazine, and other media sources have travel to the fair reaches of the mountains south of Tibet to be introduced to these men who are call the White Brothers [See my term because i did not interpret the Tibetan from mandarin Chinese Correctly].

They were wrongly named by H. P. Blavatsky founder of The Theosophical Society during her short travels in region as the White Brotherhood. They have no connection or association with any worldly matters they are 500 years old and aloof.    

The Secret Doctrine by - The Theosophical Society

'The White Brotherhood' Ukraine 2nd Main Group - No Association with the Texas or The White Brotherhood of Germany

Research Daniel T. O'Dell Gregory N. O'Dell Academic Purposes
Academic Map Made In The Ukraine

A small monastic Spiritual Group because they wear white and speak and associate with no one outside their group. They have a cooper colored skin and behave much like the indigenous tribes living high on the Columbia Mountain elevations as the group who live in  the mountain regions of Ukraine "The Hoary Land of Georgia" it was once called. 

Vegetarians and self- sufficient and seldom go to town. If they do they send one person or a small group to pick up supplies without speaking a word. Moralistic Ethical Lifestyle Monotheist Animism. There are over 13 different racial distinctions in Asia Major and minor that have 
Nothing To Do with 
The murderous behaviors of 

The real White Brotherhood of Germany, I ran into in Thailand and they near beat me to death because I have brown eyes. When they pointed at my eyes they said “Jejune” then I said “No Mexican” wrong thing to say! They will associate, scheme, recruit but will quickly disown those with the slight variations in physical anatomy such as eye color or those that show any variation of neonate principles of 1940's Germany as the supreme race.

The White Brotherhood of Germany will connect and use to their own ends

Noted: 'Rambo' Drug Trafficking Case Joint Venture will the German group
Just Captured By the FBI in The Last Few Months
(This group was an exception and military trained)

Who are notably uneducated and advance through the hierarchy of command by
hideous deeds to prove themselves. The Generals communicate by women of the group and I have seen the movement of information on face book and been a target of their misdeeds as a disgusting homosexual. So there are many cases they can be track and trailed by behaviors and message left on social sites.

Make no mistake these people are dangerous and will kill at the drop of a hat. The mark of a butterfly is a symbol they used but may have changed to something else.
They are embedded in State and Federal positions of Trust but disguise their hatred very well. Best to leave to experts of law enforcement and not 
respond to any insults or kindness they use to obtain information about you.

They are among the 300,000 identified in the United States by the FBI as Sovereign Citizens who do not believe State and Federal law apply to them

See media Link that shows only a few tweets that should concern law enforcement that a wider audience is among this group or to
Many parents will disguise the fact that their children have been recruited 
To Protect Them from Arrest 

This Group Has Been Used For Covert Operations such as Gun walking, Drug trafficking, and Human Trafficking in the state of Texas for over 
A Decade well before Fast and Furious was Conceived.

Politicians in general take money just like the clergy; however, will accept support from any group and ask questions later, which i would say is the norm. 
However -
Some Political Factions have developed a way to use the group by political favors and RICO type of Commands

Most Notably The Texas Tea Party
but is a bipartisan crime on both side the house of inciting riots and to appeal
To Their Neonate Principals
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