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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jumble-I See the Light NSA Is the Texas Right

How to Use Intrusive Devices Invading Your Home Point Back Report Texas Criminals

A Mystic is person who sees things clearly in their minds eye, as they are sometimes with vivid startling accuracy the Greeks coined the logos or the known. It is unclear if the ability of perception is from the normal senses, psychic abilities, or spiritual epitome. 

Mysticism is a strong linguistic determinant that contradicts the profile of a true Mystic, who operates alone outside of any religion. These people had an awaking of such as John Fox and his best friend William Penn or have been born with an intuitive spiritual revelation, perhaps natural events outside of peripheral perception or beyond the limits of human reasoning that gives hope in times of despair or uncertainty.

In 2010 I began working with people on line and by telephone who have been stalked or believe to be victims of Bio Non-Lethal Weapons Attacks. The most frequent questions asked of me are:

A.   Where would I start or who would I report the Experience? 

B.   Will people think I am crazy or mentally disturbed? 

Number 1 – Don’t worry if people think you are crazy, because the law looks at you as if you have a valid allegation, and assists you if you are disabled. Which you are not, or you did not say so [The person in this particular case and most cases].

Maybe, my experience will help you? The VA tried to pull that on me, but I had a classified documents in my P.C. as a witness, informant and victim of three terrorist bombings that were breached and asked for an intelligence officer.
I had the privilege to talk with a patient advocate, who straighten the whole thing out, and they gave me a new doctor, who look at my record, found that I have a traumatic brain injury; however, I have several degrees that support the fact that I am a logical, reasonable, and rational human being. In other words, I am not crazy or what I am saying is true or I am lying.

So, tell the truth, do not lie or stretch the truth, because that will be the 2nd hurtle if you lie – you lose all your credibility. People will no longer believe what you say. Do you remember the story "The little boy who cried Wolf”?

It Should Read Texas Governor Rick Perry Cries Wolf and Brings Harm and Death To Texans

This Page Has Been Hacked Another Example How Hacking is Manslaughter
Further I blocked from making the proper changes

Maybe the details of my experience will help you at this link:

1 a.  You need to show empirical (physical) evidence that such devices exist and are used. You can fine the Burden of Proof at these links:

That They Exist:

That They Have Been Used:

1 b. You need to report each and every event to your local police office. It is not unusual for them to laugh you out of their office, but ask for a Police Report Number and the business card of the Officer that took down the report. A good video to watch before you go to the station, which will build your confidence, so you know what to expect, at this


1 c. If they do not take you seriously, don’t call, go down to your local FBI Office and sign in to talk to an FBI Investigate Special Agent. Again, ask for a report number and the business card of the Agent. To locate your home town FBI offices go to this link:

Note:  Do not lie to the FBI because it is a Federal Criminal Offense.

1 d. After you have talked to the FBI, make copies of the information. Write a simple letter to the Secret Service and email them on the web and copy the page that says “Thank you we received your message.” Go to this link:

Don’t expect a reply because that is why they call them the “Secret” Service; however, they respond professionally, you just do not know about it or should you care. Your only reasonability is to report and keep the documentation that you did so.

1 e. Look up all your (entire) Representatives, State and Federal by going to this link:

Send them all an email stating the same thing, short and sweet. Be respectful first, by stating “Your Honorable So and So of District so and so.” Next, write down their physical address and mail them the long version with copies of all the reports, or just the report numbers, you submitted to law enforcement.

1 f. Wait for a response, no more than two weeks, then go physically to your local Congressional Representative Office and fill out a complaint. Ask for a congressional investigation, because all other means of due process (going to the police and ect..) have failed. Again, to find the office locations go to this link:

2. Communication is key – Documentation, Documentation, Documentation. If you follow the steps above, you will have satisfied that criteria. Also, get your family, friends and those that are supportive involved. They will be your best supportive help; especially, those that are a witness to such events. Ignore those that are insensitive or like you stated, “Think I am crazy.”

3. If you believe that you have been a victim of a Bio, Electronic non-lethal weapon experimentation such as an EMF Attack, you should see a Psychologist and discuss the matter with him or her. You may need some psychiatric help, because it is a traumatic experience, but the psychologist will know best, and refer you to a doctor if that is the case.

What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and Counseling Psychologists? Psychiatrists are medical doctors who treat mental illness with medicine such as my brain injury. A Psychologist sits with you and talks with you, over a period of time like a sounding board, to help you get over a traumatic event, real or perceived.

Your visit will be added documentation to your case, which will help your case. In most states this is the case but be cautious about some states such as Texas.  I wrote the following article concerning people being falsely accused of mental illness in Texas titled “The Lunar Virus Pandemic”

The Center for Disease control employees thousands of professionals nationwide in collaboration with a worldwide network forming a Global data reporting base that has no international or state boundaries.

Unfortunately, the information shared by these agencies is only as good as post electronic data reporting systems and seldom considers dormant diseases. Yes, noteworthy events such as the Black Death have been considered and various theories researched by Anthropologist including forensic scientist.  What if the treat is real and I-have-name is the only one that can see it?

What if there is a dormant disease clearly expressed in dusty court records in South Central Texas and Big Oil is trying to hide it to the point of corrupting the Governor of Texas?

Big Oil has a history of corruption motivated by the all mighty dollar and they cannot be stop by any law-a-biding reasonable means including local police, FBI, or military action. This is the case of the hand written court records now held in an ancient school building where President Lyndon Johnson once taught my kin.

La Salle County records have been remove from the court room to facilitate the Cataula County Court House renovation and are at great risk to be destroyed by fire such as the studio set of The Alamo in Austin. Governor Rick Perry claims "The Alamo" movie set burned to the ground by a single lighting strike to hide his Gadhafi style leadership and bizarre behavior including rodeo media adds that depict unsafe gun practices.

While visiting the school where LBJ once taught, trying to located my oil rights due me and my family, one cannot avoid a pandemic disease that is now dormant; however, cases of this Lunar disease are reported everywhere in Texas and some cases have been noted in Old Mexico South of the Nueces River.

I recommend the Center for Disease Control tape this school off as a crime scene and send in a team of University Forensic Anthropologist from the University of Texas to investigate every case where the court has legally and legitimately declared an individual suffering from the Lunar Virus or disease noted by the term 'Lunacy.'

The Lunacy Pandemic  is a unique type of disease that we have never seen the likes of because it only infects the weak, the disabled, elderly and especially woman that are rightful heirs to the biggest oil find in that last 60 years in the State of Texas! Page after page the Honorable Presiding Judge was force to give those suffering from the Lunar Disease oil rights to Big Oil.

Recommendation: Give the Forensic Anthropologist at the University of Texas something to do this semester. Offer a course to locate and eradicate the Lunar disease from the boundaries of Texas that has an effect on anyone who opposes Rick Perry Governor of Texas. The Lunar disease is the first know disease that attack the poor, sick, elderly, and women for profit. Perhaps the Lunar disease is the first virus to become Self-Aware!

G. N. O’Dell 04/26/2012

In 2010, a vast majority of people started talking about mind control and other esoteric devices, on social networks which I participated to protect myself from another CIA attack on my family and myself. I received a phone call from a woman who just arrived from Belgium wanting to make contact with me who was clearly in distress concerning what she said were tracking devices implanted in her body. She was not happy with phone contact and wanted to come to my house and see me personally. 

Normally I would not object, however, I had this ominous feeling that all my phone calls were tapped, and this person could be a way to bio-locate me for another attack but this time with zero tolerance precision. I contacted a leader in our Facebook Targeted Individual page, and told her I was leaving town in search of my families oil rights, and if she would guide the lady from Belgium to a Doctor Hall in San Antonio Texas, that specialized in locating and identifying tracking devices. The following article was written to document my case:

The First Reported Border Drone Sighting Operated by Texas Governor Rick Perry Illegally

Do you have ancestral roots in South Central Texas? You might want to eat out less this week and invest the savings in a tank of gas and spend some time in La Salle County Texas, reading tomb stones of family pioneers that lay in rest on the biggest oil/ Gas boom that has hit Texas sense the 1950's. You won't see much if you take the beaten path of I35 South towards Laredo; just miles of sage brush, cactus, and mesquite trees.

Bring along the camera too, you might get lucky like we did and spot a UFO. Yesterday after driving for 45 minutes hypnotized to the road mirages of summer heat, a kid in the back seat says, "Look a flying saucer!" I immediately said, “Is it a bird, Is it's a plane. No! It's Super Drone!" A drone is a just a remotely piloted model aircraft; however, capable of reading a milk carton a 20,000 feet, unable to read a license plate at a right angle or straight down.

That makes me, the first redneck to sight a Texas Border Drone, July 7, 2011. This was not a coincidence, the aircraft descended to tree top altitude to get a reading off our family automobile license plate and photographs of the occupants. We were being stalked by NSA's global geospatial tracking of individual targets. This was not target practice or a routine run.

Fortunately for me, it made good sense, if I was being spied upon by mindless digital applications designed by gamming geeks, then that same intrusive behavior by these applications could be used to protect myself and family. The truth is you can use computer applications that spy on you, in your favor, by using the system against itself without hacking or any illegal act. After all, they connected themselves to you, you did not call them.

Please enjoy the following article first published on Burnt Orange that shows just one way to bring attention to those that are watching that you are watching them. By-the-way, the police and FBI are not the enemies, they just benefit most from several mandates that allows them to evade our privacy; however, their own behavior is kept from public view. Its criminal in my opinion: however, I leave that legal problem up to our legislatures to make the corrections.  I have submitted one suggestion at this link: “How to rid your state of 99% of potential terrorist with the stroke of a pin”

First Publish On Burnt Orange "Texas Governor Rick Perry's Eminent Domain Over Your Oil Rights"

"Drake and several former NSA colleagues were concerned about what they saw as corruption in the NSA’s handling of a $1.2 billion data-sifting program, Trailblazer. He was also concerned about the launch of a massive NSA program to collect without court approval Americans’ e-mails and phone calls and run them through data-mining programs, an effort that became known informally as warrantless wiretapping.(The Washington Post)"

The thesis of the blog “I Am Not Anonymous I Have A Name" clearly expresses my intent for the basis of everything that has been posted and deleted to date, "I can only say what you understand" and could not say a dam thing unless similar incidences were first reported in the media such as Top Secret America by the Washington Post beginning in 2009. I did inform my State, Congressional, and Senatorial Representatives, but I don't think they understood the magnitude of what was happening to common citizens. Once the public understood what was going on, then I could write more openly.

See Top Secret America at this link

I am a U.S. Patriot, and I have slowly fed intelligence back to homeland security, that they may have an opportunity to make necessary adjustments, protect myself and family while refraining from sensationalism that breeds mass hysteria. Yes, I have step on some toes accidentally that should have never been in my space in the first place.

Never-the-less, all parties involved with stalking and threatening my family for many years, has somehow escape justice; even though, I safety and tactfully delivered the burden of proof to law enforcement, while bond by oath at the highest Security clearance.

Many people misunderstand a security clearance as a person that knows some top secret information not assessable to the public. That is true in some cases; however, what a clearance really means, we have given up all our Civil Rights and Civil Liberties to serve our country for life. The movie 'Enemy of the State" and "Homeland" were also life savers for me and others veterans suffering from the same abuse such as myself.

A couple of statements to the wise:  If you are a veteran that served before 1981, go to the nearest veteran’s administrative office and personally identify yourself and get a VA identification card and password for "My HealtheVet". That’s even if you do not qualify for any of the services which is good, because you are healthy!

Also, If you are veteran or a civilian living or just vacationing out of country, register with the State Department.  I don’t care if you’re just flying to Cancun for the weekend, it is to your benefit to type your name and family members names traveling with you in their internet data base before you leave.

The State Department Link:

Unfortunately, I am an old warrior who served before the year B.C. (Before Computer) and served as an ex-patriot, outside of the United States, the majority of my working career. Homeland security had no idea that I was a friendly and attacked me as well as other U.S. citizen’s beginning in 2006. Yes, we know of rare documented cases that go back as far as 1998. Even rarer still, are those that go back to a century ago.

Beginning in 2006, NSA’s domestic security program started to go completely out-of-control by reacting to bogus reports from private security firms, who get rewarded for producing negative intelligence about United States citizens. Positive intelligence does not pay. 

The best example, Private Security Firms hired by billionaire Donald Trump. Donald Trump did not get what he wanted when he visited the White House and hired a Private Security Firm to dig up bogus dirt about our President of the United States to discredit him.

Positive, valid and sound intelligence reports of a person of interest, just does not pay. If anyone knows, how I and others feel, who have been targeted by Private Firms, which includes the bi-lateral co-operation with sworn law enforcement officers, agents, and covert intelligence officers is President Barack Obama.  Not long ago, these mercenaries were commonly referred to by many names such as pencil dics, hotel dics, or private dics. In Texas they have a name Se Houston.

While living in Thailand, a restaurant owner established behind my bungalow, was debating if he really could afford twenty-four hour armed personnel security protection, and had given the company reasonable notice. A once peaceful quite Island beach resort, overnight became let up with gun fire, break in attempts, and the owner received many anonymous threats to himself and family!

I wish I could have told him what was happening; as I watch the scams take place by his own paid security personnel, out my back window in the early morning hours. Successful expatriates, those that live to a ripe old age to write their memoirs, learn quickly to keep their nose out of other people’s business.  Positive intelligence just does not pay when you’re in the private security business.

I am not going to do all your homework for you. Pay attention to the media and you will understand, drastic immediate steps have been taken to protect others, now and in the future from such abuses. Most specifically, political targeting of ideological adversaries such as environmentalist, human rights activist, or religious minorities, who just happen to stand in the way of profit by those wealthy few who can afford the fees of a private investigator.

I believe with good reason and past experience, they only way to make progressive positive steps, to end corruption is to prosecute the violations of the past.  Victims have no way to win in a civil case in the State of Texas.

Corporations thinking about moving to Texas  have got it dead wrong, if you put someone in a position that they cannot file in civil court for a justified or perceived injustice, then your corporate heads are and will be liable in criminal court! What makes it even more of a liability risk, if you operate in a state that make laws to prevent any idiot with 300.00 U.S. dollars to file a pro se suit. Whose Governor has appointed 4,500 biases appointees, some embedded in the Supreme Court, warrants a federal criminal case!

Want a couple of good recent examples; call up the quality assurance office at Medtronic. Tell them I said hello and followed their advice and notified federal legal counsel. I understand now, that since Merck and Medtronic have been charged with a criminal offensive, that my and 10,000 potential other claims lay dormant in the Texas Victims of Crime data base, are now valid. It is doubtful that the Texas District Attorney’s office is going to do the right thing and notify the victims.

Man, I hate it when my home state will not make a single humanitarian move, unless they are pressured by the Federal Government. All you here from these Republicans is Federal Government is too big and we should rely on the VIRTUE of the State of Texas? If they really want to reduce Big Federal Government, than they should start doing the right thing for their own people!

By I Am Not Anonymous. You Know Me Well

“Little did Mary and I know, that are loving relationship and simple life style would be interrupted by a corrupt political machine of republican ideologies that had transformed Texas into a Police State. The next three years our privacy and safety would be jeopardized by human behavioral experiments outside of protocol and well outside terrorist threats that made us Targets of Domestic Surveillance.  No longer would we enjoy the blessing of living outside the realm of social recognition.”

From “The Journal of a Texas Mystic” at this link:

G. N. O'Dell 04/07/2012 3:58AM

The Path of a Texas Mystic

On the first night, while sleeping in my warm soft bed, I strayed upon a beautiful fountain bubbling up from a small mound atop a hill in the mid-day sun.

I stood there gazing at the surge of rising sparkling bubbles
breaching the mounds’ rim, spilling its crystalline icing over the hill top sand.

Thinking of my friends, I turned and called to them as they sat
resting in a hollow out of the sun.
They stayed in the shade not wanting to come.

On the next night, while sleeping in my warm soft bed, I found a
second fountain just as beautiful as the first and again called to my friends.

I could still see my friends squatting with their hats over their eyes
and gave out a yell that echoed back off the canyon run.
They stayed in the shade not wanting to come.

On the third night, while sleeping in my warm soft bed, I scanned my own horizon realizing what I had been shown- All Must Walk The
Path Alone!

I straightened my stance as loneliness cut to the bone, then walked
a trail leading into the evening sun:
Never looking back to see if my friends had come!

G N O'Dell 2005

John Fox is a perfect example of a mystic who never called himself a Quaker or started the Quaker religious faith, which was developed long after his death. Those that listened to his discourses in person or by mail were simply called his friends.

One day he was in the forest on the Island of England and had a spiritual revelation while walking that transformed him into a Mystic. It was that moment he decided on his own to help others in England and those unknown to him he met during his travels along the eastern sea board of northern America. While during his many trips to the new world he stayed with the native Indians unharmed instead of established townships that where actually military compounds to protect the citizens from the “savage murderous evil Indians.”

He reports in his journal by the title “The Journal of John Fox” that the Indians, whenever he spent time with them would ask him about the White Man’s sickness. They were not referring to small pox or syphilis that was transported from Europe. The Native Indians of the new world were curious about the White Man’s mental condition. The Native Indians where talking in their own terms or words describing greed, basic human rights, and the total disregard to environmental concerns. 

John Fox, a mystic of true worth knew there is an everyday ordinary common god, as close as the invisible nose on our invisible faces, working miracles in your life. It must also be true that there were many Mystic Native American Indians that believe in physics and the natural order of things or natural events outside of peripheral perception or beyond the limits of human reasoning that gives hope in times of despair or uncertainty.

Just as the Native Alaskan Indians made no distinction between themselves, God and nature as if God is everywhere and everything , which discredits western Ideologies of human development that support animism; a concept that religious ritual grew out of beliefs in nature as a result of human reasoning. The theory of animism dismisses mysticism as a primitive myth that has been replaced by abstract theories of nature as a result of human reasoning.  

The concept of Animism confuses ritual and religion with the development of the human intellect; however, anthropology offers no evidence that humans are any brighter than the day they first appeared on Earth some 10,000 years ago.

Mary is doing fine now and I will leave off with some ancient metaphysical parable of unknown author which is the first story Mary wrote in our journal “Strawberry Fields Forever”  I keep near me on my writing desk named after the famous Beetles song of the 1960’s, Mary wrote the best she could from memory;

“… and the man desperately hanging from a branch on the side of a mountain knowing that he could not climb up the sheer cliff or let go of the branch because he would drop to his death knowing that this was the end. He looks over his shoulder and saw a strawberry plant growing out of the side of the mountain with a beautiful luscious red strawberry on it. He reached out and picked the strawberry bit into it and said what a delicious strawberry.”

What this Chinese parable reminds me of is “all we have is today, today is all we ever had, and today is all we will ever get” so savor the moment here now! The meaning of the following phrase:

“It’s a Good Day to Die”

- From The Book Hanta Yo

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